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My students have individual needs,
but how can I prepare them for
learning in my class without
knowing their need? 


Kid's College FREE Comprehensive Assessment
(Aligned to your state standards!)


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My students are so far behind. 
I need help preparing them for
state standardized testing!


Kid's College FREE Comprehensive Assessment
(Aligned to your state standards!)



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 Includes ALL Core Subjects:  MATH, READING, LANGUAGE ARTS.

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Kid's College has a comprehensive assessment aligned to state standards for grades K-8.  This assessment will identify student academic placement.  Knowing each student's strengths and deficits will help you prepare to meet each student's individual needs without sacrificing class performance.  Beginning each school year with this much information is a teacher's dream come true--and it will not cost anything to have this information.

Perhaps you prefer to wait until the second semester.  The assessment in Kid's College will accurately predict your student's performance on standardized tests.  The test results which are e-mailed to you immediately after your students complete the test will provide you a window of opportunity to prepare for the state mandated test and close any gaps in student knowledge.

The test is free and easy to administer.  A Schoolware consultant will guide you over the phone as you prepare you class and register your students to take the assessment.  This Schoolware service is also free. 

If you are interested in the Kid's College free assessment,

please contact Schoolware at 800-580-2479.